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Days ago, said from the concerned consumer, including Best Buy, CircuitCity, RadioShack, including the top three U.S.

Home appliance chain

Giant, Akihabara Electric Street, including e-Japan


Circulation Association, Tokyo, electrical wholesalers, business cooperatives, Kakuda radios Co., Carrefour, Metro, Jia Shida quelle, Lotus, including global


Giants, and from nearly 50 countries and regions, more than 200 buyers will form into a large, large amount of consumer transactions e-procurement combined fleet, entered the 2005 China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) site.

The experts pointed out that this is not only the three largest U.S. home appliance chain, as well as the world's largest appliance buying group field Akihabara Electric Street for the first time China's Consumer Electronics Show debut also marked the SINOCES for the global consumer electronics industry build procurement, trade platform has been the world's top appliance chain recognition. Experts predict that only those international sourcing giants will 2005SINOCES exhibitors on tens of billions of transactions, but also for the Chinese consumer electronics companies to act as a vital platform for the world.

U.S. advance SINOCES three giant home appliance chain

Rumors have had the largest U.S. home appliance chain giant BestBuy, most likely in Shanghai, Shenzhen set up its first store in China. Therefore, the presence of this BestBuy, not only may be required for purchases up shop in China in advance to discuss cooperation, it is also likely in the multinational procurement forum to announce the industry's long-standing speculation that China's market expansion plans BestBuy.

And CircuitCity, RadioShack's participation, but also add to the earlier people fought in the U.S. appliance chain in China's guess, and some even pointed out that the three major home appliance chain giant collective appearance SINOCES, itself is such a signal, China consumer electronics market is huge potential for development, has become the world's home appliance chain coveted object. Select SINOCES as a bridgehead for China's market, it is because SNOCES gathered in the China market almost all major consumer electronics manufacturers, channel partners, participate in SINOCES will no doubt they understand the Chinese market, to understand the situation of China's competitors play an important role.

Akihabara Electric Street heavily come SINOCES

As a symbol of Tokyo's Akihabara Electric Street, is the world's largest appliance buying market. This time to participate in SINOCES, both the Chinese consumer electronics products recognized internationally competitive, while a more bullish about China's huge market potential for consumer electronic products. Japan's National Federation of the flow of electronic components say, SINOCES Akihabara Electric Street, not only will such as the Japanese electronics distribution companies aim to provide the most competitive sourcing products will also Akihabara Electric Street for the first time in China to promote a platform; the same time, Akihabara Electric Street, exhibitors will also enter the Chinese consumer electronics companies in Japan to create a shortcut.

SINOCES global retail giant roots

Jiashi Da quelle UK, Carrefour of France, Germany, Metro, Lotus, Thailand and other global retail giant will also participate in 2005SINOCES, This is the second exhibition in 2004 after the second time to participate in national retail giant SINOCES. The sources said both participate in SINOCES find the most affordable consumer electronics products, the retail giant in China to achieve a local chain of procurement, international procurement cost reduction, but also will take the Chinese consumer electronics products through these chain retailers worldwide network, landing the global marketplace.

It is reported that, in addition to hundreds of billions of purchases will bring foreign buyers to participate in 2005SINOCES, the Chinese appliance giant chain

States United States

, Dazhong


And around the shopping center, e-mall, retailers, traders, also will participate in 2005SINOCES. Analysis of industry observers pointed out that the opening date draws near with the 2005SINOCES, SINOCES 2005 will undoubtedly become the global consumer electronics industry, the focus of attention.
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U.s. Giants Move Into The Top Three Home Appliance Chain Sinoces Show - Appliances, Chain, Giant -

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