Thick And Thin Sinoces Plot Highlights The Brand Power

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On the industry, the exhibition is the platform; to enterprises, the exhibition is a kind of marketing. With the global economic tide of surging coming exhibition, the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry, show after another. Abroad, the United States of CES, Hannover CeBIT; in the country, there is the Shenzhen High Tech Fair, Beijing High-Tech Expo, Zhongguancun Computer Festival ... ... and serious homogenization, leading to the recent Consumer Electronics Show in the downturn.

And July 13 has just ended 2008SINOCES broke the deadlock, according to statistics, this exhibition over 502 exhibitors, up 16%; 22 games during the exhibition organized by the Forum, attracting more than 5,000 audience ; The fair, the import and export transactions of 726 million U.S. dollars, of which exports 596 million U.S. dollars, imports of 130 million U.S. dollars. 1.39 billion yuan of domestic trade transactions.

The current global market emerged around the show a kind of competitive situation, in terms of the SINOCES is how the show highlighted many of its advantages and create a lasting exhibition brand?

Hand CESSINOCES strengthen brand power Early 2005, China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) began with the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) formal cooperation, SINOCES CES become the sole partner in the world.

Cooperation at the beginning, CES will be all to the promotion of SINOCES to. Under the impetus of the CES, the United States Department of Commerce has in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas five-city tour to promote SINOCES for free, so that the United States government formally SINOCES large-scale promotion in the United States, the first Chinese Electronics Expo. June 2006, SINOCES certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the only Asia-Pacific region to promote the U.S. Department of Commerce's Consumer Electronics Expo. SINOCES 2007, CEA has developed specifically for the campaign, using CEA SINOCES channels and resources to assist in overseas promotion. At the same time, also invited well-known companies and executives, large purchasing groups and the VIP delegation to attend the global media event, which means that these two great stage show truly enter into cooperation.

2008 the two sides to further deepen cooperation. First, in order to make SINOCES be more innovative, CES CES to introduce a 12 gain in the product innovation award appearance, these products are the first appearance in China, while SINOCES has become the only way to see most of these leading platform for electronic products; second, also brought green Green Pavilion and the Forum to promote global consumer electronics application and development in China. This series of initiatives to mark the SINOCES cooperation with the CES into a comprehensive strategy for the real stage.

Grasp the trend as the industry benchmark SINOCES

From the beginning of its establishment, the theme of each session SINOCES and industry trends on closely related. From the 2005 "3C convergence and seamless life" to the 2007 "Internet knows no boundaries," the theme for each year are closely linked to the consumer electronics industry trends. This year's "free connection" is revealed in the rapid rise of the digital content industry, driven by the connection between consumer electronics has undergone a fundamental change in the consumer electronics connection started to break the connection between the original equipment, the restriction in order to achieve the full range of network connectivity as the core content. "Free connection" theme is the development trend of the industry revealed and explained.

The same time, there will be more than a year SINOCES theme forums, each forum's theme involves the development of industry trends and future direction, and each subject has the industry's heavyweights to participate in the Forum, so that can really lead the industry SINOCES development.

Exchange intermediation SINOCES to create a new brand city

Chinese consumer electronics industry is a global consumer electronics industry in itself an important part of the Chinese consumer electronics market continues to develop, has attracted attention worldwide consumer electronics companies.

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Thick And Thin Sinoces Plot Highlights The Brand Power

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