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Ministry of Economic System Reform and Economic Operation Division of Studies of recent weeks, China International Consumer Electronics Show, said, despite the rapid development of China's consumer electronics industry, a number of consumer electronics production and sales ranked first in the world market, but facing some deep-seated problems.

Accelerating industrial restructuring According to statistics, China's mobile phone production accounted for 47% of the global market, accounting for 40% of the computer, color TV sets accounted for 48%. Zhou child learn that the consumer electronics industry in China is accelerating the restructuring, and showed obvious features of the following five areas:

3C convergence is continually evolving, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Computer, communications, consumer electronics, all from their point of view to the integration direction.

Personalized, humanized a consumer electronic product design and production of the mainstream. This requires enterprises to people-oriented, adhere to individualized, personalized product design and production principles, sub-consumer groups, accurately grasp the customer's spending habits, continuous innovation of products and management methods.

Software and content services in the consumer electronics industry play an increasingly important role. Consumer electronics focused on the functional integration, technology continues to improve, especially embedded software capabilities continue to increase, the industrial structure gradually become hard and soft integration, content services, content channels, and the gradual integration of market penetration, content services started to become a new growth industry point.

Energy saving, environmental protection, health, consumer electronic products become major trends. Various consumer appliance manufacturers conform to the growing emphasis on health, consumer psychology, to reduce air pollution, improve human health as the main direction of household appliances developed, more and more consumer electronics companies have actively implemented the Electronic Information Products Pollution Control regulations, development and production of alternative products, some of them have achieved good results.

Technical standards supporting the role of the consumer electronics industry to further enhance. 3C convergence around standards working groups and actively participate in alliances, in the IGRS, the family network, TDSCDMA, digital television, digital audio and video and other fields to develop a series of technical standards that represent the broad interests of the industry, reflecting technology direction, but also effectively supports the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry.

Three major problems constraining the development of
Weeks of school children that China consumer electronics industry is facing some deep rooted problems, such as industry big but not strong, core technology, key components has mainly relied on imports, transnational management ability to be further strengthened, still can not meet the increasingly diverse of market demand and fierce competition in the market.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce also pointed out that Wang Ning, executive vice president of China's consumer electronics industry has the following three main problems that restrict their development, and with great contradictions.

Standards. Consumer electronics products currently the most prominent problem is that many new products are not industry standards, such as mobile TV, since the standard does not determine the impact of products on the popularity. Again there is no standard MP4, so it is difficult to make the market more breakthroughs. This phenomenon, requiring departments and industry organizations soon as possible.

Consumer electronics service issues. Many products are now difficult to maintain, repair you, so many consumers are not free to consumers.

Consumer electronics innovation. Wang Yu believes that this is an eternal theme, especially domestic companies must take this issue as one related to the corporate life and death issue to deal with. For a long time, China's consumer electronics do not have much intellectual property innovation and invention, which makes our product development controlled by others, but also to China's enterprises were less than the best profit.

Improve the industry's weak link as soon as possible
Weeks of sub-theory, for the consumer electronics industry's weak link, it will be important to do the following work:

Constantly improve the technological innovation and industrial development of the external environment.
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China's Consumer Electronics Industry Prosperity Hidden Behind Hard Cover - Consumer Electronics

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