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HC intelligent home network Smart refrigerator, 3G mobile phones, network TV, portable audio, mobile storage, as well as a beauty then a deafening show new T station in early July, the Qingdao International Convention Center debut one after another, which is July 4 ended in China Consumer Electronics Show the most eye-catching one. In addition to display products and technologies in addition, from the State Council, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Information Industry of the government officials and domestic and international home appliances, communications and IT companies such as Haier Zhang, TCL Li Dongsheng, Chen Tianqiao Shanda, INTEL Yang and other executives are all the scene, the theme of the summit talking about the various quarters.

Exhibitors close watch on digital entertainment play the card 3C
Pushing the show Computer (computer), Communication (communication), Consumerelectronics (consumer electronics) integration of 3C living topics
Gathered here show exhibitors are also hard, many manufacturers have not come up with new products in the domestic market, such as the Samsung's a machine, hold in your hand in the end it almost impossible for people to distinguish between mobile phones or digital communications camera. There are innovative technology glasses box-sized portable audio, mobile storage Huaqi Information U disk watch, Qinghua not much more than palm the MP4, can watch TV programs simultaneously 3G mobile phones, Epson devices for projection display 3LCD TV, and so, coincidentally close watch on this year, most manufacturers of personal digital entertainment products, and even went to Qingdao, all participants of Mr. Chen, said bluntly: Shanda is investing in the project is multi-functional interactive entertainment for the family TV, its essence is the network information through technical means and on TV, to meet different family members for easy multi-faceted entertainment needs.

Communication appliances no less of a digital life
Carried out at their doorstep Haier electronics companies, accounted for at the show the advantages of favorable factors, the progress of a hall door, Haier's booth on the leap into eyes, small multi-function mobile communications, small vacuum cleaners, notebook computers, large head-height is not yet listed smart refrigerator, a video intercom entry system, even a simple command will accept robots, much the full range of digital life products catch the trend.

So think of exhibitors than just Haier family, peers and other household electrical appliance enterprises such as TCL, were also assessed by a great idea, and some simply stand designed home on the style, put the furniture, bed chair, get models , sat on it enjoy high-definition flat-panel TV. In the two-story exhibition hall, most of the booth was carved up by major domestic and foreign handset makers, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, ZTE, Dopod and so much more to attract consumers are waiting for the 3G phone licenses, it calls can be seen in the other video phone, in the move can enjoy TV programs to attract people to stop visiting the exposition to stay. Focus on the field of digital office printing companies in the United States, Lexmark communication exhibition hall in the second floor there is a trace of loneliness seems inevitable.

In the industry view, the exhibition of digital products although covered a wide range of quantity, but almost no conceptual products and leading technology. The new products ready to market the rate is not great.

European exhibitors to overseas distributors is almost no

One of the organizers of the Qingdao municipal government officials in a news conference before the opening of excitement, saying that the current China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES), is the world's largest consumer electronics show?? American International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) jointly organized, CES as the overseas organizer, participated in the preparation SINOCES organization, and exposition of planning, investment, promote the full support given to them through the website and offices around the world, conducted for the SINACES the full range of publicity. In fact, in Qingdao, the Consumer Electronics Show in this session, hardly any European companies at the show, exhibitors and only a few scattered, most of the overseas exhibitors are from Japan and South Korea's enterprises, such as Toshiba, Sony, NEC, Epson, LG, SK, etc., and domestic exhibitors look forward to overseas distributors is difficult to find small and medium trace.
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Ces Is A Self-direction Of Digital Entertainment Show? - Number Of Home Appliances - Smart Home

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  • comment_image

    Palmer- 2011/01/26 06:04:15 am

    I saw Reliant's display and was impressed with what their smart meters can do. Real time information is something that I can really use, because let's face it, saving on your bills is a good feeling.

  • comment_image

    Charles- 2011/01/25 04:58:07 am

    Did anyone catch Reliant Energy's display? They had a smart energy home, and showcased their smart meters, which gives consumers the ability to make real-time decisions about their electricity usage based on real-time information.

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