2009 Chinese Appliance Consumer Electronics Brand Influence Activities Ended

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HC Home Network News : More than four months of the "brand strength?? 2009 Chinese appliance consumer electronics brand influence activities", recently concluded in Beijing. Activities based on

Gome Baidu full year 2009 sales and massive search data, released the 2009 Chinese household appliances, consumer electronics industry, the impact of each category brands, innovative products and outstanding market performance products.

Activities on-site ( HC Family with map grid

) "Brand power?? 2009 Chinese appliance consumer electronics brand influence activities" is provided by the GOME and evaluation data to support Baidu, nearly home appliances, consumer electronics companies involved in large-scale industry, brand evaluation and promotion. Activities through the year to outstanding consumer electronics brand appliance data analysis and dissemination, the whole society the value of the brand communication, transmission power of the brand.

According to reports, data, objective and impartial authority is the greatest highlight of this event. Gome is the largest appliance and consumer electronics

Sell Chain enterprises, directly managed more than 1,300 stores, with more than 3500 million card members, the annual passenger traffic more than 1 billion people, its annual sales data stores basic reflects the current market for home appliances and consumer electronics products and brand choices and trade-offs, activities for this objective, impartial, detailed data protection. Furthermore, Baidu has more than 300 million Internet users users, billions of times every day to search requests. Baidu data research center under the 2009 statistics home appliances, consumer electronics, keyword search data, reflecting the Internet users on home appliances, consumer electronics brands tend concern. The combination of these two authoritative data reflect our true home appliances, consumer electronics brand in the market support and the degree of public concern.

Department of Business Analysis Baidu Chuda Chen, general manager, said: the search behavior of Internet users reflect his demand for consumption, such as searching the country the United States, Internet users search for TV is the country the United States, TV's potential consumers. In 2009, Baidu users for home appliances and consumer electronics search more than 10 million times daily, through the accumulation and analysis of massive data accurately reflect the brand and products related to the potential consumer demand.

A small Sun, vice president of Gome, said Gome as the country's largest retail chain enterprises, attaches great importance to the integration of sales data. Gome's sales last year, the fastest-growing category of computers, and the same period last year, home appliance sales, the average growth rate of about 40%, nearly 60% of the computer. On the consumer choice approach, a small Sun believes that consumers are now more and more attention

Energy The concept of environmental protection, while the time consumption and choose products, pay special attention to personal experience, experience-based consumption will become a fashion, the National United States is exploring the experience to guide consumers consumption of the new sales model.

According to Gome's 2009 full year sales and Baidu search data, activities, household electrical appliances in China in 2009 issued a consumer electronics industry, TV type, home appliances and white goods category,

Mobile , Computers, influence brand and innovative products, outstanding products market.

Influential brand of TV category: TCL , Samsung, Hisense; innovative products: TCL ultra-thin LED Internet TV X10FDE,

Changhong LED Internet TV SL90; market outstanding products: Hisense LED47T18GP.

Home appliances and white goods categories influential brands: cherry blossoms, Midea, Oaks, Siemens, Meiling; innovative products: Sakura water heater SCH-16E93, America's drum washing machine: Sens Series MD70-1205BF, Siemens refrigerators KK22F57TI, Bosch refrigerator KAD62S20TI, Samsung refrigerators RS21HZLFH, Samsung washing machine WF9654SQR.

3C digital class influence brand: Nokia, Lenovo; innovative products: LG Mobile KF350, Samsung Camera ST550, Samsung notebook R480; market outstanding products: Samsung S5560.

In order to "brand power" as the theme of the special program, from industry authorities, the China Consumer Association, business representatives and consumer appliances to consumer electronics enterprises in China brand building, product innovation, channel sales model and future consumption trends in the exchange and discussion.

Vice president of China Video of white people, advice for consumers: electronic technology is changing every day, every day forward, every day out of a number of technical innovations, this development is endless. Therefore, consumers should pay close attention to every day consumer products is not a place.

Xu Bing, dean of China's home appliances Speaking of the future of health technology development trend of home appliances is that: the future of the appliance may be more intelligent, more personalized, more stylish home appliances can not only work, but looked very comfortable, very convenient used to meet the various needs of consumers.
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2009 Chinese Appliance Consumer Electronics Brand Influence Activities Ended

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