06sinoces Will Become The Consumer Electronics Revolution Symbolic Node

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Technology development or to the final destination of the industrialization and commercialization. As the world's second largest region SINOCES Consumer Electronics Expo is a global consumer electronics industry in the context of new technology diffusion and direct exchange platform, its appearance has been greatly strengthened the Asia-Pacific economies in eastern and western hemispheres even regional technology horizontal communication and product levels. SINOCES in cooperation with the U.S. during CES, CES addition to route through a global network of advocacy resources, relying on the world's fastest growing consumer electronics market in China support and, more importantly, the global consumer electronics is increasingly the focus of the show transfers from west to east This change becomes even more obvious in 2006, as a point of strong world-class consumer electronics fair, it can be said that all great changes SINOCES produce the fundamental reason is that this "world from the U and change" theme of the proposed There is no doubt, "while the world changed since the U" right indicate the next stage of global consumer electronics industry reform.

From the current global view of the global consumer electronics, most of the countries and regions has been in the era of consumer electronics in the E, also is a technology-driven stage of development, but with the technology or compatible hardware and software products enhancements, this stage will face the popularity of products and customer-oriented new issues of the constraints, how to make 3C products after the rapid spread of integration and to meet the individual needs of users is U strategy


Proposed underlying causes, U strategy either unite (fusion), universal (universal), user (user), unique (unique) support the ubiquitous (ubiquitous) or the stage of development is based on the concept, objectives and the path , will present information on all the overall strategic framework for e new challenges.

According to the latest information provided by the organizing committee SINOCES said, 2006SINOCES compared with previous years produced a great change and this change is not only reflected in the complex area of domestic and foreign exhibitors increased the number of times and the huge amount of growth, the more It is important to the rapid international influence SINOCES upgrading, so far, including the U.S., "Wall Street Journal," "New York Times", the Russian Interfax news agency and Japan's Nikkei BP dozens of communities such as consumer electronics, including power the authority of the news media, "with U and action" initiative to contact the organizing committee asked participants to report their full details to "change the world from the U and the theme" grand SINOCES can imagine, many international media, "U enrichment "Once the detonation will produce unimaginable shock effect of world-class. In addition, by the "U" strategy, this year the theme during the forum SINOCES number of up to 16, more than 500 exhibitors, buyers and visitors at home and abroad the number is expected to reach 55,000 people, the United States and Japan for the first time large-scale tour Exhibitors call "U", above all record highs.

Should be said that the electronics industry Electronics Show is an important service industry. It act as an incubator and the role of promoting industrial and economic development, it is an industrial economy in the form of key species, is also the industry


An indispensable factor, especially in the pace of industrial technology, market information and other communication speed and reduce the cost of the industrial chain interactions play an important role. The 2006 CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) is the theme of "growth" in the United States an unprecedented rapid development of this technology and the environment ahead of the "growth" has the meaning which is of a general sense, but 2006SINOCES "Since U and change the world" theme is with a highly directional nature, which is SINOCES attract global manufacturers and the media attention of the major reasons.

In the United States gradually moved CES China and worldwide use of all network resources, free promotion SINOCES the process, we should see China's huge consumer market a broad hinterland of the endless appeal of the global electronics industry, which to some extent displayed on the interactive platform for the electronics industry technology transfer to China began, and will accelerate the global electronics within the electronics industry in China, the flow growth for the industry to provide more adequate technical nutrition, no doubt, SINOCES is in this transition and change play a key role in point.

"Since U and change the world!" With the technology and the popularization of the network, the world will truly become free, all because of U from, because U and brilliant, 2006SINOCES will be a new round of global consumer electronics, the symbol of technological change node.

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06sinoces Will Become The Consumer Electronics Revolution Symbolic Node

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    Rebecca- 2011/01/07 20:11:41 pm

    we should see China's huge consumer market a broad hinterland of the endless appeal of the global electronics industry.

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